Laboratory for Neurobiology and Gene Therapy

Dr. Veerle Baekelandt


Research at the Baekelandt Lab focuses on disease modeling and therapy using viral vectors in cell culture and in vivo. The underlying rationale is that the generation of more relevant models in cells and in pre-clinical model brain will lead to a better insight into the molecular pathogenesis of brain diseases and to the development of new therapeutic strategies and drugs.

Within the REACT NSC project We seek to investigate the changes in neurogenic differentiation and in the fate of NSCs after traumatic brain injury to investigate the effect that blocking the activation of NSC has on neurogenesis after traumatic brain injury. With these aims we will generate in vivo and in vitro animal models to study the relationship between traumatic brain injury and neurogenesis.


We use molecular biology techniques to generate transgenic mouse models based on the specific use of the Cre recombinase and viral vectors to manipulate the expression of specific target genes in individual cells in vivo.